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Changing blog platform: www.emiliefroylands.wordpress.com

  • 15.11.2012kl.01:46
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Hello darlings, I've debated on this for quite some time now and have decided to switch blog platform. Here is a link to my new blog: www.emiliefroylands.wordpress.com , I really hope that you will continue to read my blog, XX.

  • Olivia Palermo Tatler Russia

    • 15.11.2012kl.01:05
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    Love. I simply adore Ms. Palermo for her impeccible sense of style, although this is obviously styled by Tatler Russia's team she still manages to look flawless no matter what she wears. XX

  • Journey into the city of lights

    • 12.11.2012kl.16:46
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    I am wearing By Marlene Birger shorts paired with a tucked in Cubus dress, Chanel sunnies, Zara shoes and a DNKY bag. I have to run, need to get to class on time. Hope you guys have a good monday (or as good as a monday can be) XX.

  • The Stones

    • 11.11.2012kl.15:26
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    Although, I had this ring for quite some time now I still fall back in love with it on a regular basis. I can remember the first time I layed eyes on an YSL arty oval ring. Perfection.  Since then I've waited for just the right shade and design, and poof there it was on the Japanese YSL page and a couple of click later it landed in my mailbox.

  • Still stuck in that time

    • 09.11.2012kl.20:02
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    I am wearing an H&M trend peplum top, and a sequined blazer from Bikbok, and I borrowed these beuties from a friend, I am sorry there are no full pictures, the lighting outside was already getting to dark for it.  XX

  • Pick a favorite?

    • 08.11.2012kl.20:06
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    Drop a comment in the field below. XX.

  • hjerteknuser

    • 07.11.2012kl.22:29
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    Back in Norway. Now, that we are home and (not at all) ready to get back to our everyday ways I realized how much I need to catch up on. There is, and I am not undermining this, a stack of essays-projects-presentayions that I have to finish/do these next couple of days. Oh well, when I am done with it all I can celebrate freedom at Brad Paisley in Oslo spektrum. I feel like a kid on christmas, I am so excited. XX.

  • Photo diary, Budapest

    • 05.11.2012kl.18:43
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    1. The cutest little food market just around the corner from our hotel.


    2. We went castle hunting in a beautiful park

    3. I converted. Namaste. No, but we did have a wonderful and slightly painful thai massage.

    4. We went to an icebar

    5. Outside the (proclaimed) biggest outside icerink in the world.

    6. Nighlife in Budapest, priceless. The second picture is from a really cool and supposedly legendary nightclub made from a ruin.

    7. I told funny stories. To strangers. Repeatedly.

    8. Breakfast at a local cafe

    9. Amazing dinner at Fasto's. Impeccible service.

    Pictures from last night (which was mindblowing) and today's spa events are missing, but they will follow shortly. Budapest has been all one would ever want from a vacation, and I can surely say that it has surprised me. It's a lot different than any other place, I would higly recommend a trip. XX. We are about to go out for some food and walk the city tonight.

  • Letter from Budapest part 3

    • 04.11.2012kl.18:44
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    Today we walked. Through this incredible park, stopped at a local market where I bought the fur you can see in picture 4 for a slick and nothing. Think I realized today how diffirent Budapest is from any other place I've ever been. The most accurate word I can come up with would be untouched or genuine. Have a good sunday guys! We are heading out to celebrate 8 months together. XX. And I almost forgot, if you want a faster update follow me on instagram: emiliefroyland. Enjoy!

    Here I am wearing a H&M shirt, Bikbok skirt, Zara shoes, DKNY purse, Chanel sunnies and a vintage fur.

  • Letter from Budapest part 2

    • 03.11.2012kl.17:02
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    Second day here in Budapest. Last night was unbelivable, nightlife in Budapest is worth travelling here for. After the penguin place we went on a selfdeclared pub-crawl and ended up in the coolest places. Today, we've been up to the beutiful Buda castle, seen the parliament and gotten a wonderful thai massage. Man, I love vacation life.

    I am wearing Sam Edelman boots, H&M coat, DKNY purse, Lindex sweater, H&M shirt, Chanel sunglasses and a little bird pin from Kappahl.

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